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Testimonials from Clients


I have used their services more than once and I can’t recommend a better HVAC company. I recently had an A/C unit installed, and Phil and Mike took their time to figure everything out before they gave an estimate. I had other teams come in for an estimate too, but either they wouldn’t get back, or their quotes were very high. Being an old condo and with strict HOA covenants, it was also challenging to install a new A/C unit. But Phil and Mike did it! Not only that, when my neighbors complained of noise from the outside unit (the unit itself is quiet, but the construction of the whole place is bad, so the noise got transmitted through the floor), they came back and installed waffle pads to dampen the noise. They also came back promptly when the unit was pushing a lot of air and the ventilators were making a lot of noise – again, no fault of theirs, just that the unit was never built for an A/C system.

All in all, it was a pleasure to work with them and I trust their expertise and judgement when it comes to HVAC. They pull all the permits required and get the necessary approvals and inspections done. I had also gotten a dryer vented to the exterior previously from them (two years ago), and it works without a hitch to this day!

-Yesh D.

In summary:

– Total cost was $219 ($130 for my new spanking capacitor and $89 for an hour of their time)
– Great company to have around
– No BS
– Great customer service

Thanks for a great experience, Phil & Mike & Mary!

“Phil was professional from the moment he stepped into my parents home. His demeanor, his craftsmanship, his pride in his work and knowledge of getting it done right was such a relief to our family considering we knew nothing about HVAC. Phil was so good with his work and hands that he even repaired the original damage that was brought on by the original HVAC company!”

– Gary

“I received three bids on the job I wanted done at my home Phil was the only one who took the time to research a solution to the problem I had with replacement of my units. He took the time to explain everything. His work was fantastic. He is dependable, fast, and his pricing is great compared to everyone else. I have already recommend him to one of my co-workers who is considering air conditioning and since he supplied me with all the information about my units I can show it to this person so they can see what they might want. I will continue to recommended him to everyone. I give him six stars.”

– Stephanie H., San Jose

“Quick and Efficient… Not only did Phil beat the competition of identical merchandise, but got the job done the very next day , You want a polite and expert professional call Phil.”

– B Correa

“I called a few companies and had them come out to do a estimate on a central heating system on my house.I only had two wall heaters in my house and those didn’t heat up my house very well so my friend suggested getting central heat. So I called three companies out to my house to do an estimate. One guy said he would be out on a Monday around noon and never even showed up!’ I called hm and he never returned my call back so I figured he must not want my business that bad. Another guy came out and gave me an estimate for a “Goodman” furnace. I looked on the Consumer Reports website and they listed them extremely low on their lists of furnaces. Then last but least Bartlett Heating came out and gave me an estimate. To my surprise the owner of the company actually came to my house to bid my system. His name was Phil and was extremely polite and respectful the moment I opened my door to let him in plus he was actually on time! He bid me for a “RUUD” system.’ I looked on-line and read a lot of’good things about that system so’I’called’ Phil and approved his estimate that was a fair price and he came the VERY next day and completed my installation. I was very pleased with the over-all installation. He was very helpful in explaining the workings of my new system and did a clean and quality job. After my wife and kids came home they were all very impressed on how well the new heater with new vents and everything heated the whole house. I will recommend this company to all of my friends and I suggest you do too.”

– Jim

“Bartlett Heating and air finished installing new heating, AC, and duct work for me. Phil Bartlett managed the job well from end to end. From the very beginning he was professional. He Kept in constant contact throughout the job and was always on time. I was very pleased with the product and the service. After receiving several quotes, I found Bartlett’s quote among the best. Phil stuck right to the quote he provided. There was non re-negotiation along the way. I highly recommend Bartlett Heating and Air and would be happy to provide a personal reference for any who wish.”

– George C.

“Just wanted to send you another thanks for your professional, speedy service. i really appreciate your follow through and knowledge of the industry you work in.

I wrote a review on Google for you, here is a copy of my post below, i tried to post on your website but was unable to. Also, I belong to a south bay parents group in which we email each other about references and advice, you can be sure your name will be given out to anyone who is in need of your type of service”

– Melodi

“I interviewed 3 vendors to install central air conditioning in my house. I chose Phil Bartlett as he thoroughly explained the best unit for my need and the size of my home. Unlike the other vendors, he allowed me to think about his recommendations and yet made me feel that he is readily available to answer any questions or address any issues I may have. His work ethics is exceptional and is very trustworthy. I would refer him to anyone who needs air conditioning or heating service.”

– Pia B.

“I would like to warn and make consumers aware of the fraudulent large companies that are out there trying to take advantage of the consumers. I had gotten six previous bids prior to finding Mr. Philip Barlette. I felt blessed in finding Phil. He truly is a hard working honest man who cares about his customers and takes pride in doing a through job. He had the best bid and also did a great job in installing my new Central Heating and Air Conditioning System. He explained the process and I was truly impressed with his approaches and his honesty. He didn’t push the sale as others did. He has a clean record which I thoroughly checked out. The other companies show they didn’t honor consumer’s contracts. Phil specializes in taking care of his customers and making sure the job is done correctly no matter how long it takes. His main concern is that he has a satisfied customer and fulfills his promises as stated in the contract. I am very pleased and satisfied with his work and enjoying my new Energy Saver System. He also introduces that rebates I am entitle to get where the previous 6 bids didn’t mentioned all the rebates. I highly recommend Phil. I have already referred all my co-workers who are in need of heating and air conditioning to call him and not bother with these large companies who are out to make the big buck. Once again Phil my family thanks you for your hard work and honesty in making this large investment a pleasant experience”

– Lupe A.


Well for starters as two people to not have a clue when it comes to HVAC, Phil and Mike were probably some of the most knowledgeable people around when it comes to this trade. My dad and I spent a full day trying to find the right company that wouldn’t screw us over and it was a lot harder than I care to mention. Finally, we came upon Bartlett Heating, we called and to our amazement Mary picked up the phone with a kind tone and a more than willing mindset to help us out. We explained to her that with no heat in the house with a family of 5, our place was starting to turn into an igloo. Understanding the levity of our situation, Mary was able to fit us into Phil and Mike’s schedule. Upon their arrival, we found that they were so kind and filled with customer service. After giving them a brief description of the problem they went straight to work explaining almost every step to my father ( who asks a lot of questions), not even once getting frustrated or showing any signs of irritation. Not at any time during their stay did we question ourselves if they knew what they were doing, or if they were trying to get over, just honest kind-hearted hard working men. (It really doesn’t get any better than that! ). Now for the barebone calculations; $175 for a new control board, $80 for a new transformer ( which we didn’t even know was broken! ), and last but not least only $89 for their time! All in all, the total cost came out to $344, which is more than half the price than the other companies we called quoted us at! My dad and I were more than satisfied with the service that Mike and Phil gave us and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs not only professional job done, but with trusting good hearted employees.

-Albert A.


Arrived on time (actually 10 minutes early), were very professional and efficient. Our A/C was getting extremely noisy, they diagnosed it as a wheel that was falling apart. They didn’t try to sell us anything we didn’t need, and gave us some good advice on how to maintain the unit to avoid problems in the future. The price was very reasonable, and we would definitely call them in the future.

-Christy H.

I never thought I would be writing a Yelp review about a heating/air conditioning company!

Our air conditioning stopped working on a Thursday before a weekend that was forecast to be in the 100’s. I got their name from Yelp, and called them Thursday at 7:00pm hoping to leave a panicked message. Mary answered the phone and worked to squeeze me in for Friday. We thought they were coming after 4:00pm, but they had a break earlier in the day which was even better! Phil quickly decided it was most likely the thermostat, as some models had been recalled. They were extremely nice, professional, reasonably priced and HONEST! We will continue to use them for all our heating/air conditioning needs.

-Morisa G.


I never thought I would be writing a raving review about air condition repair. I scavenged through online reviews and couldn’t settle on which one to call so I called them all. Mary Bartlett was the most helpful person I spoke to (she even told me about her upcoming 30th anniversary!) and the price was the most reasonable (I called one place and they charge $120/hr!!) Long story short, Mary was able to squeeze me into Phil’s schedule the same day.

Phil Bartlett and Phil’s brother, Mike, came promptly at the scheduled time. They were very friendly and chatty. Both gentlemen were very helpful, kept no secrets from me, and Mike even washed my filters (at no charge!) It honestly felt like my two uncles came by to visit and drink some coconut water, and happen to fix my air conditioner because my capacitor blew up.

-Linda L.


Great family owned company. Price and quality of work as well as suggested unit were better than the other two we looked at. Essentially, great bang for the buck with no compromise. They scheduled the visit a week after we signed and had it installed in less than a day. Two weeks later we love our a/c. Super friendly group. Also want to add that they have maintained our heat and fixed the furnace in the last couple of years. When our furnace was down one winter, they bumped us up in priority as I let them know we had a newborn. Very thoughtful and excellent customer service. Thank you Bartlett!!!

-Mike S.


I wrote one a while ago, but it’s not in my list, so I’m redoing it.
I had solar installed on the house and was looking under the house and saw that the ducting was apart in places and falling down in others. So, I had four different companies come out and give me estimates. The furnace and AC unit were from 91′ and while they worked, they weren’t energy efficient and needed help. So, I had them give me estimates on just the ducting, as well as with the furnace and AC. The first guy just looked at the old system and tried to sell me the most efficient highest priced units. Phil came out and measured the room it took as well as went under the house to check all the ducting and runs. Then sat down with us and asked us how much we use the system. We only turn the heater up to about 65 in winter and run the AC if it gets about 95 outside in summer. He said that we didn’t need the Variable speed unit or the 96% efficient units as we wouldn’t run them enough to offset the cost of them. I had a couple of others come out and got them all to give me prices on the system parameters that Phil recommended. On of them actually agreed with Phil and asked questions which was nice. Mary followed up by calling and asking if we had any questions or anything they could do help us decide. After comparing them all with prices and units and warranties I ended up going with Phil, and am Very glad I did and would and have recommended him to anyone needing HVAC work done.
Phil, Cody and Robert showed up on time, were conscientious of my concerns with lines and things under the house. They cleaned up after themselves each day, as well as were done a half a day early and fixed some of the foundation vents that contractors over the years had stuck things through leaving holes. Phil also changed the runs on the ducting to make it more efficient. Oh, and they put in a filter box, so I don’t have to take the dam cover off the unit to change out the air filters. What a time and headache saver!

After having our system in for the end of last summer and this winter, I can say it’s very quiet and our electric and gas bills have been lower than ever.

So, if you want it done right the first time and without worrying about being ripped off. Do yourself a favor and call Phil. A great guy who does quality work and at a fair price.

-Kurt E.

Phil was fabulous. He came out and gave me an estimate a year ago, but I didn’t pull the trigger until this year. He honored the quote that he gave me and when he came to install the a/c unit he remembered what we had talked about during the initial estimate.

He did a great job installing the new air conditioner. Phil even advised us on installing a new vent/air filter and then returned the next day to install it and he didn’t charge us an arm and a leg for the install.

I truly appreciated his work and am very happy with the service.

-Erika T.

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