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Servicing the South Bay Area: San Jose, Palo Alto,
Los Altos, Los Gatos, Mt. View, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara.
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San Jose Ventilation Design & Installation

Poor indoor air quality is one of the Environmental Protection Agencys’s top 5 health risks in the United States. Proper ventilation will keep your family and pets safe from dust, and other heavy particles.

Most people don’t realize poor attic ventilation can contribute to roof rot and can shorten the life of your roof

Bartlett Heating and Air Conditioning can figure out just how much indoor ventilation you need. We will evaluate what system will best meet your needs and fit well within your budget and will ensure that your family is safe and healthy.

Unknown-1We will design a proper working duct system in your attic or crawl space. We specialized in using wire flex R-6 or R-8 value and even work with a more commercial product Aluma Flex insulated for residential applications. We also work with spiral ducting and rectangular ducting for your more commercial applications. We install manual dampers in your ducts and can also install zoning controls and actuator dampers.

To schedule an appointment, please call us in the Santa Clara Valley at 408-623-4949.



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